Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"Kooky Returns," by Czech film director Jan Sverak, is the story of a six year old asthmatic boy named Andrej, who must give up his beloved cuddly bear toy Kooky because it is unwashable and holds too much dust.  Kooky's adventures take him from the dump, into the mysterious forest, inhabited with tuber and nut-noggined little creatures and their smoke-spewing miniature vehicles.  It's an amazing, funny, touching, and weird movie.  I love the crazy forest world the filmmaker created.  It is really an adult world with adult conflict, pride, ambition, cowardice, courage and competition, and Kooky is the innocent little child, "allergic to the dark," who must make his way home through this forest.  There is plenty of smoking and swearing in heavy Czech accents in the dubbed English version!  I was captivated by the puppetry and the little dwellings in trees and stumps.

You might want to preview it before deciding whether or not your young child should watch it.

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