Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quilting Time

 I've been working on my nephew's quilt.  I decided to tie the squares in the center section.

  I used embroidery thread of many colors for the ties.  I like how the scraps look in a pile.

 I am now quilting the border.  Threading the needle takes a little longer than it used to!

 Here is what some of the quilting looks like.  It is fun to do swirls and loops and waves.  I will probably add some cursive sleepy words to the quilting.

 I wish I could get the hang of using a thimble.  My poor index finger feels like a pincushion!


Cal said...

Love the colors of the assorted threads! I sympathize with the thimble issue, I never got used to one and every so often, as my finger is hurting, I remind myself I need to try again!

Bonnie said...

I love the color combination you used! By the way, I have tried and tried and tried to use a thimble and I just get can't the hang of it for nothin'. Recently, while in a quilting store, I found a package of little round rubber stickers that you can stick to your finger tips. You use them in place of a thimble and it protects the needle from poking into your skin. I bought a package, but I still have to try them out...seems like a genius idea to me! I hope they work! I'll let ya know!

Beth said...

Me, too!!!!

Beth said...

Hi, Bonnie! I love the sticker idea. I'll look for them when I'm in the states this summer. Beth