Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Sloppy Quilter

I started with a pile of wonderful colors in squares measuring 4 by 4 inches.  All of the colors are posed around my favorite fabric, a flannel with funny owls.  I thought my two year old Godson would like those wide-eyed owls, and maybe an owl-covered nap quilt would make him sleepy.

I found the owl fabric difficult to work with.  Perhaps it is because I am in an orange/yellow/red mode.  Perhaps because the flannel is very matte and the colors read differently on it.  I tried many color combinations and designs.

At one point my quilt was going to be all blues, with strips of owl fabric in between.  I realized that many of the blues were too large scaled and contemporary looking, with too many white accents.  Maybe that will be the next quilt, a double one for the guest room.  I also decided that the owls needed some order around them.

So I did an Irish Chain Quilt.  I learned a lot while I did it.  I seem to need those oranges, yellows and reds.  And I am terribly sloppy.  I pieced the squares in strips.  The flannel stretched and I sewed inaccurately, and I came up with strips of different lengths.  Did I start all over?  No.

I'm not proud of it, but I decided that I cared about the color more than the pattern, and I need to quilt it soon so it will be ready for his birthday.  I hacked off the uneven ends.  It doesn't really look that great on one side, and I'm quite embarrassed about it.  But I'm keeping it the way it is.  And I'm going to accept the fact that I'm not really willing to chase perfection in sewing anymore.  So I'm not going to do any more traditional patterns.  I'm going to do crazy quilts and bar quilts that I make up as I go along.  My strength is color, and that's what I want to explore when I sew.


Lisa said...

Hi Beth
I love your quilt! And I am sure your godson will as well. I love that you aren't striving for perfection. That isn't any fun, is it?! Your colors are beautiful and it is made with love! What more can you ask for?
I have missed reading your blog!!
Have a great week

Amanda said...

As someone who isn't a quilter, and as someone who has definitely never been a perfectionist, I think your quilt is absolutely fantastic! Honestly, I couldn't even find the imperfections after you brought them up.

much love,

softearthart said...

Just lovely Beth, cheers Marie

Beth said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Lisa, Amanda, and Marie! I hope you are right, Lisa. If my Godson just feels the love, and I'm guessing he will, I will feel successful. Amanda, I'm glad you didn't see my big flaw! My daughter is visiting me right now. Maybe she can help me quilt it. love, Beth

Appleshoe said...

Beth, this is a lovely quilt, you are to hard on yourself. I can't see what's wrong with it and for that matter I've been working on the same quilt for the past 7 years... How's that for embarrassing *smile*. I'm sure your Godson will love it. It's lovely and most importantly YOU made it. Take care.