Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Crafts on Acorn Pies

I've put up my collection of summer crafts on Acorn Pies!  Check out the column at right for links or use the blog search.

Make a Squash Horn
Make a Pea Shooter
Make a Toy Boat Out of Sticks
How to Tie Your Shoes
Make Rope/Make a Cord
Tree Fort
Make Your Own Bubbles
Blow Bubbles with a Trumpet Flower
Shoot Plantain Seedheads
Make a Toy Pennant
Driftwood Cottage
Make a Camp Stool
Make a Paper Drinking Cup
Make Your Child a Butterfly Net
How to Make Cattail Ducks
How to Make a Swedish Maypole

Get outside and play!

1 comment:

maeve said...

You have some great posts for fun things to make and do with kids outdoors. I will definitely be doing some of these with my boys and nieces and nephews this summer, especially the cat tail ducks. thanks