Friday, June 8, 2012

Wild Narcissus

 Local farmers in Les Avants have set aside some fields where the wild narcissus can grow.

 Beautiful, white-winged narcissus, so fresh and pure.

I have been taking pictures of wildflowers, like these strawberries, all spring.  I thought I would go home and identify them, using my book about the flora and fauna of Switzerland.  I thought there would be just a few little wildflowers to record.  There are many, many, many of them, meadows and meadows full of them, growing everywhere from the mountaintops to the edges of busy roads.

I love seeing some of my favorite perennial garden plants growing wild in their native soil.

Oh, Switzerland, I love your landscape so.


Karen Traversy said...

WOW, beautiful!

Debbie Schramer said...

Love your blog! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog; so happy you like it. If you want to include my blog on your blog, that would be wonderful. Thank you!

softearthart said...

Just lovely, cheers Marie

Rosemary said...

I am so pleased to see that you are posting again Beth.
I missed this lovely post on these beautiful wild Narcissus-they are spectacular, and must have ben a sight to see.