Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Eat an Apricot

 Are they ready to eat when they are like this, fresh from the store, young and plump, blushing, and posing for a Cezanne still-life painting?

Or when they are like this, withered and ready to move into the apricot old folk's retirement home?  That's right.....they are ready when they are wrinkled and every child would turn their nose up at them.  In fact that is how I discovered how to eat an apricot.  I am the fruit martyr at my house.  My child will only eat perfect fruit.  If I put a pear which has a slight dent or bruise on it in his lunch box, it comes home completely slimed.  If I present a bowl of cherries or grapes on his lunch plate, he eats around the slightly sub-par ones.  Guess who eats them?  Me, the fruit-martyr.  I always wondered why people ate apricots.  They were dry and tasteless.  But one day I saw the apricots no one else would eat, sitting in the fruit bowl: the decrepit, wrinkly, sad, apricots, and I took a bite.  Apricot heaven!  Juicy!  Luscious!  Sweet!  Rich!!!!!!!!!!  This is how you eat an apricot!  Did you already know that?


Agata said...

Hi Beth! I enjoy your blog a lot, it was recommended to me by a friend quite a long time ago. But only today I realized that you were living in Switzerland! And so do I! :) May I ask where exactly? I live on Geneva Lake. Anyway, thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas, I'm gonna try your bubble solution with my kids! :) But was wondering if you were replacing the corn syrup or did you find it in CH? Best greetings, Agata

Anonymous said...

Aye. Sometimes you get lucky and find them on the clearance shelf, so to speak, at the store because they look this way. You have the double pleasure of a ripe apricot without the wait at a reduced price. I like them nearly liquid inside.

Carla said...

I do love apricots and I agree with you. The flavor and aroma are incredible with very ripe.

cynthiatreen said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you for this!
I love dried apricots but have never had a fresh one that was very good... Now I know why!
It is good to find you. I was just over at Sally Mavor's blog and found you having tea with her! How wonderful :)
Anyway, I hope that your new life is treating you well. From your blog photos if does look like it! Enjoy the Cape.

Beth said...

Dear Agata,

I also live on Lac Leman! I have no idea how to replace Corn Syrup in CH. What should I use????? love, Beth Write me an email.

Beth said...

Dear Anonymous,

From now on, I will haunt the clearance shelf for apricots...but I'll bet Europeans already all know this about apricots!!!!! love, Beth

Beth said...

Cynthia! Hi! Thanks for visiting! It's great! I've had pathetic internet reception on the I am finally getting to my comments today. Sorry. love, Beth