Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make Mama's Peach Pie!

 This is the peach pie recipe I grew up with, and it is pure summer deliciousness!  We are in the States visiting my family in Virginia and I got to assist my niece making peach pie today.  You'll find the recipe at the bottom of the posting.  Now let's make pie!  Ask your grown up to preheat the oven to 350 farenheit and get the pie crusts ready.  Put one in the deep dish pan and sprinkle some of the sugar and flour mixture on the bottom.

 Pile the crust high with plenty of ripe, sliced, peeled peaches.  Dump the rest of the flour and sugar mixture on top, and then gently pour on the cream and egg mixture.  You will need to shift the peaches a little to help the liquid to trickle down all over through the peaches.  We sprinkled some cinnamon on top, because we were thinking about my daughter Cammie today, and she likes it like that!

 Add the top crust and press the edges together to seal.

 Now seal them again with your fork.  Prick the top crust a few times and sprinkle a little sugar on top.  Bake for about an hour and a half until hot, golden, and bubbly.

 Mmmmmmmm!  It looks and smells wonderful!

It IS wonderful!!!!!

Mama's Peach Pie
2 pie crusts
1 cup sugar
6 tablespoons flour
8 or more peaches for a deep dish pie
1 egg yolk
1 cup cream or half and half
a sprinkle of cinnamon

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 and a half hours.


Cammie said...

It looks delicious! I wish I had been there to help bake... and eat!

Beth said...

We missed you, Cammie!!!!!! love, Mama

Bonnie said...

Oh, does that look delicious! I love how the top of the pie looks all sugary and golden! Pies are a thing of beauty! Thanks for sharing this family recipe...I really want to try it!

Beth said...

Thanks Bonnie, let me know how you like it! love, Beth

Anonymous said...

May we please please please have the pie crust recipe too?? :)

Beth said...

Coming soon! P.S. The Mama of "Mama's Peach Pie" is MY Mama. Beth

Beth said...

When I make a pie crust I use this one,

Have fun!