Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Quilt for the Cottage

 I just finished this throw quilt for the cottage.  Do you recognize the fabrics?

 When I did the towels (see The Great Towel Mix-Up) I got extra for a quilt.  I cut out big pieces of fabric with templates and a rotary cutter last summer.

 My youngest and I collaborated in arranging them the way we wanted.

 Then we sewed them.  Boys can enjoy machine sewing, too, of course.  I know my son thinks of it as "operating the machinery."

 This summer I bought a quilting hoop.  I used to think that people who did hand quilting were awfully patient, much more patient than I could ever be.  The quilting hoop made the sewing so enjoyable that I quilted the whole thing, and loved it.  It was a very busy summer, sometimes too busy, sometimes kind of exhausting, and the hand sewing made me slow down and calm down.  I was grateful to have handwork to do.  I handquilted whatever I felt like at the moment....swirls, loops, circles, zigzags, and lines.  In the picture above I am finishing the border.

When it was finished I put it on my young son and tucked it around him.  He looked comfortable.  He even yawned!


Bonnie said...

I really love those fabrics! They are fun and bright. I love the size of the pieces you chose to use. I am currently planning a new quilt. I keep going back and forth with my ideas.

Beth said...

What are you going to do, Bonnie? I can't wait to start a quilt for my husband and my bed....the first ever for us....I'm going to use really big squares and rectangles again. I think it is a contemporary look I like. Beth

Fidget said...

I came upon your blog thanks to google, I was hunting for crafts with natural materials in preparation for our late summer walks when there is much to find in our local woodland. I have become hooked, I love the way you write up your crafts and adventures (especially adventure goat). I am very thankful for this post as my 3 year old son shows much interest in sewing (myself and my 15 yr old daughter both sew) and was I worried this interest may not continue as he gets older but you have given me faith that he can continue this interest and become a machine operator :) Thank you, now I must continue reading through the archives of this amazing blog.

Beth said...

Thanks, Fidget! Have fun! Beth