Saturday, August 11, 2012

Make a Driftwood Mirror

 This project was so much fun!  A long time ago we lived in a seaside town where I walked our dog Royal on the beach every day.  I used to beachcomb, picking up driftwood, seaglass, and the occasional piece of sea china.  Once in a while I found a marble!  That was a red letter day!

 I saved the driftwood for about 14 years!  Last week I got it all out and used it to decorate an inexpensive mirror.  I sorted it into different sizes and shapes.

 This piece seems to be turning around and gazing at me with unintelligent curiosity.

 The piece on the bottom is bone.

 These are pieces of my baby driftwood collection.

 The piece on the left is my favorite piece of all.  A hinged piece of driftwood!  A little door to an undersea hideway or treasure box?

 More special pieces.  They deserve to be in a special section.  The bumpy piece on the bottom left looks like a character from the Czech film "Kooky."

 I used hot glue and started by using the largest and flattest pieces I had on the frame.  I tried to find a frame which was close to being a driftwood color.  It is just plastic, nothing special or expensive.  Once I got started, it was so much fun that I worked on it intensively and it was done in about a day.

Here are some details.  A little driftwood door....

 This unique piece goes in the center at the top.

This dainty piece at the bottom may be doomed.  It twangs when you flick the little twig.  When I was little I would have twanged it until I twanged it right in two.

Here is the Kooky character looking alive from every angle.

Here is a lobstery looking character stealthily reaching around a piece of driftwood.

And now, the finished mirror hanging in place in our new bathroom.  I love how it came out.  Hooray!  Best of all, it was so fun to make!!!!!!!


Bonnie said...

I love this! I love finding pieces of driftwood and sea glass. You did a great job putting all the pieces is a really charming piece!

Beth said...

Thanks, Bonnie!!!!! When we get back to Switzerland, I am going down to the lake to see what sorts of driftwood I can find there......

Fiona said...

I love this Beth.
And what a timely post.
After spending almost the whole Summer at the lake (well technically lots of lakes), we have a huge 'lake wood' collection.
Now I know just what I want to do with some of it.

Beth said...

I hope you do it, Fiona!

Cammie said...

I LOVE it, mama! Can't wait to look at it from all angles in person. What a cool idea, and a great way to finally use the driftwood collection. Beautiful!

Mama Goose said...

thanks for the idea. We, too, collect driftwood. Now I have a project as per what to do with it.