Sunday, September 2, 2012


 We're back in Switzerland and yesterday we visited Exxopolis in Etoy.  Exxopolis is a new "luminarium" by Alan Parkinson, executed at his Nottingham studio Architects of Air.

 It is a sculpture which you can go inside and explore.  It's made of fabric and inflated with air.

 Parts of it block light, and parts of it allow light to shine through.  This is a picture of my husband.  The heads of silver and fair-haired people disappeared in photographs in the luminarium!

 There are areas between "rooms" where colors mix and vibrate.  This particular luminarium, (there have been 20 since 1992, touring 38 countries,) was inspired by Islamic and Gothic architecture.

 It was set up at a center for handicapped adults, and many were visiting that day.

 There were little alcoves off the rooms and halls where people gathered.  A large group of teenagers were crowded into one of the alcoves, looking like a nest full of prairie dogs.

 People were also lying on the floor looking up here and there.  I should have done that, but I was too excited to stop walking around.  There was music, and the sound of distant drumming.

The website about Architects of Air is


Pat said...

Is this still in Nottingham? I didn't find any information where in Switzerland it is located. Could you please tell me.

Beth said...

Hi, Pat, I went back and edited the post to show that Exxopolis was exhibited in Etoy, Switzerland. Maybe you can use google to find out where it is traveling next. Beth

Pat said...

Thank you!

Juise said...

Wow, beautiful! That looks like a great deal of fun, I am jealous. :)

AlanAoA said...

Hi Pat,

Exxopolis is exhibited at the Insitut Espérance in Etoy until this Saturday Switzerland (just above the Ikea in Aubonne). I have pasted below the newsletter in which you will find the opening times.
Beth- your photos are very nice, are you willing to share these with us so that we can post them on our website?
Best regards,
Mado from Architects of Air -

Rosemary said...

Dear Beth - what a very exciting installation for old and young alike. Wonderful colours and effects. I would love to see it.