Friday, September 14, 2012

Ice Cream Sundae Collages

 Everybody pick a color you like for your background!  Now make a fancy dish wide enough to hold a lot of ice cream!  Why a lot?  Because everyone is coming over for a big ice cream sundae!  Gramma and Grampa, the uncles and aunts, plus all the cousins!  There needs to be enough for Mama and Daddy and our brothers and our sisters, too, of course.

 I asked the children to leave the top of their dish unglued, so they could slide the balls of ice cream inside.  They glued the edge of the dish down later. I had prepared the collage papers ahead of time since the children only had an hour to do art.   This child asked for a marker and created a beautiful, delicate candy decoration.

 We had some recognizable ice cream flavor colors on hand, chocolate, vanilla, mint, and strawberry, and then some bright colors, for a fantasy sundae of crazy flavors, like blueberry, cotton candy, bubble bum, raspberry, and some other flavors never yet invented!

 A crumple of tissue paper makes some delectable-looking whipped cream! you want a cherry on top?  This cherry was dipped in chocolate and is nestled on top of chocolate sauce!  A double whammy of chocolate deliciousness and all so colorful!

 Everyone could make a spoon out of some paper painted with metallic gold paint if they wanted, so that their sundae is ready to eat!  I find the combination of orange and blue, complementary colors, very powerful in this collage.

 I love the curves in this sundae and its bowl, and the sensitive flicker of light on the cherry, with its little leaf.

 Isn't it interesting to see the different shapes of the bowls, the different choices of colors?  This sundae has a banana looking comfortable in its cushion of ice cream balls.

And this original sundae has a giant ball of ice cream in the center, surrounded by smaller ones, which all seem to me to be rotating mysteriously.  Again, I came away inspired and charged up by the children's creativity and use of color.


DeVona said...

Love these collages! These young artists are inspiring!

Beth said...

Thanks, Devona! I agree! Beth