Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When we were up in the mountains a few weeks ago I was lying in a meadow in the sunshine, and I heard the sound of an alphorn in the distance.  As soon as I got up and started walking toward the sound, it stopped.  I saw some picnickers nearby.
"Hello, did you hear an alphorn, or was that my imagination?"
"It was your imagination," the woman answered.

I lay back down in the meadow thinking, this must be the Swiss equivalent of searching for fairy music in the Irish countryside.
Later we had lunch in a mountain restaurant and while we were there a man entertained us with his alphorn.  I didn't imagine it!

It can be a very majestic sound, especially as when I have heard alphorn played, the music has a slow pace, dignity and gravity to it.

If you would like to hear alphorn for yourself, there's a link to some music at the bottom of the post.


Fiona said...

We love the sound of the alphorn, and are fortunate enough to have someone who regularly goes to the village lake to practise. Apparently the sound travels well and sounds better when played over still water.

Last weekend we went to an amazing alphorn concert (it is on my Blog), so it is nice to hear about someone else who appreciates these unique instruments.

Beth said...

Thanks, Fiona, I'm on my way to learn about the concert. I'm sure hearing it in the distance as your neighboring villager practices is nicer than just a few feet away in a restaurant....I found the sound a little too intense close up, though I like alphorn a lot. Beth

Twisted Cinderella said...

That is completely cool