Thursday, October 11, 2012

City Collage Project

Cities are full of interesting shapes: bridges, buildings, towers, monuments, walls, people, dogs, lamp posts, mailboxes, cars, trucks, and trains.  We looked at M. Sasek's wonderful picture book, "This is Paris," for inspiration.

This girl wanted to do a collage of Rome, though she had never been there.  She is the same girl who was creating a church with interior columns when we did the cardboard architecture project.

We gave the children bowls of a watered-down glue mixture.  They painted it on the white paper and positioned the tissue paper shapes which they had cut or torn.  They then brushed over the tissue paper with more of the mixture.  This makes the colors run, (which I think is fun!) so they needed to rinse their brushes before adding a new shape and needed to dry the brush well so their pictures and the glue wouldn't get watery.  Layering the tissue paper is fun because you can mix colors.  This girl did a garage with a car in it, some colored layered rocks on the lower right, and an amazing person!

Another wonderful person striding swiftly through a city!  It is hard to cut detail out of tissue paper.  I encouraged them to use construction paper for people if they wanted to.

We talked about how buildings which are farther away are smaller.  I think this boy successfully created a plane between the buildings in the foreground, and the lime green shape in the back.

Look at this lively scene, with people, an arch, a heart, a tower, and some layering.

This girl created the Eiffel Tower in her scene, some water, and a person with hair.

This boy is working on shapes in math class, and was interested in doing a collage about that.

And this is an airport!  What a great idea!

Next week we'll do a drawing or painting project.  Some of the children have had enough of collage for the time being and are eager to draw!


cathy@home said...

Love this going to give a go with some older kids. maybe with a Halloween city scene.

Appleshoe said...

Such clever children. I love the project and seeing how they all interpreted it. What an amazing group of children you are working with. Take care.

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

So nice to hear from you. The paintings are not mine. I brought them from an artist on Etsy. I do paint myself and got completely inspired by these bird paintings.

I hope you are well and enjoying your new town

Warmr egards