Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat

I wonder if anyone will come?  I hope so.

Please correct my sloppy French if yours is better!


Fiona said...

So did they come Beth?
I bet they did and I bet they loved it.

Beth said...

One cute little monster named Leo came. I think more would have come if a fun-squisher in the building hadn't torn my poster down two times. Do you have trick or treating where you live, Fiona? Beth

Fiona said...

I'm so glad that one monster came along, and sorry about your not so friendly neighbor.

We do get a few trick or treaters here, and this year I sent out a note to a few neighbors, and took their kids (as well as mine) on a mini trick or treat.

We only did 6 houses, but it was perfect, and the kids loved visiting their own homes, where their parents pretended they didn't recognize their own child because of the costume.

It was actually a lot of fun, and my own girls were thrilled with their haul of 6 sweets!

I think it will become another tradition for us, and get bigger every year.

With the Swiss it will happen - it just takes a while.

Beth said...

That sounds so fun, Fiona! Fortunately we have a fabulous Halloween party at school to make up for the lack of trick or treating in the neighborhood. We even had "trunk or treating" there. But I have heard there is trick or treating going on in some neighborhoods....Your new tradition sounds wonderful. Beth