Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Flying Elf Game

 We made the Flying Elf Game with the early primary children last week.  They loved it and didn't want to stop working when the hour was over!  I found this fun idea in Sabine Lohf's book, "Things I Can Make."  First, paint the inside of your paper egg carton any way you want.

 Now make some elves out of corks and construction paper, with crepe paper hats.

To play, you put your elf on the handle of a spoon and push down on the other end of the spoon with your finger.  Your elf will fly!  Can you make it land in the carton?  It takes practice.  Have fun!

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Appleshoe said...

Oh my! This looks like so much fun, a craft and a game in one. Anything that can 'fly' is always a hit. I will have to introduce this to the neighbor and daycare kids. If you get a chance stop on over, I have some great news to share. Take care and have a blessed day.