Monday, October 15, 2012

Watercolor Pastel Leaf Frottage

 Collect some fall leaves.  Try not to get any that are too lumpy, like the sycamore leaf.  When I rubbed over the sycamore leaf it almost tore the paper.

 Paint your paper pale yellow and orange.  Don't use watercolor paper, it's too thick, but do use strong paper...This turned out to be very important when we did the project with children!

 Let the paper dry for a few minutes (you want it to be damp,) and get out your beautiful Neocolor water-soluble wax pastels.  You need orange, yellow, brown, and red.

 Now place your leaves under the paper one by one, and color over them with the pastels held on their sides, hard enough so that you can see the veins and edges of the leaves.  Don't forget the stems!  If you overlap the leaves, the pastels will blend a little bit.

 It's magical to see the shapes of the leaves appear!  It looks like a pile of leaves.  Have you ever jumped in a pile of leaves?

 Now look at the children's work.  I got busy and didn't take a picture of all of them, unfortunately, but they came out well despite some unforeseen problems.  When the children painted, the paper got so wet that their vigorous and enthusiastic coloring tore the paper!  Help!  We patched the paper as best we could with tape on the back.  Also, the painting got tedious for some of them because of the size of the brush.  So next time, I would do this project dry with young children, I would use better paper, and I would also show the children how to use the crayon on its side....something I forgot to do!  But I still love the results.  I asked everyone to start by using a sharpie permanent marker to draw some things you would see in a leaf pile, like worms and bugs!

 Look at the colors and this nice beetle!

 This child painted a leaf and pressed it on the paper...I didn't think of that.

 Many of the pictures got some collage added to them!  We love collage in our art room!

 Look at the adorable bugs and this collage caterpillar!  It was very clever of this girl to fold the paper to cut her symmetrical caterpillar out.

I learn a lot each time I work with children.


Cal said...

Looks gorgeous. I shall file the idea for later.

Appleshoe said...

Lovely. These would look so nice on the table laminated. We did leaf rubbing recently, but cut them out and hung them in the windows instead. Take care.