Monday, November 5, 2012

Fresh Apple Cake 2012

Do you remember this cute little boy and how happy he was to have fresh apple cake at my house a couple of Autumns ago?  He is one of my little friends in New England and I miss him (and his mother) so much!  I was thinking about him today when I made this cake!  Tomorrow I have some friends coming over for the book group we are starting!  Hooray!  Coffee and fresh apple cake, yummy.  I put the recipe over in the margin....I adjusted it a little bit again.  The sugar and butter should be mixed first.

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Bonnie said...

yummy! and that little boy is so cute!! book clubs are fun...did that for a while! hey, if you get a second, please stop by my blog..I just posted about a piece of art my son did in school..thought you might enjoy it as you are an artist! I know I am his mom, but it just impresses me so!