Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Vegetable Artist

 I found the most beautiful open market stall this past Wednesday.  First, I saw these cabbages.  They were gorgeous, and over two feet wide.  Make a big circle with your arms, and let your fingers touch in front of you.  Maybe a cabbage would fit in there, maybe not.

 Beauty was everywhere in this stall.  It wasn't just the beauty of the vegetables,  either, but the way they were stacked and arranged.

 That's because this stall belongs to the Vegetable Artist.

 I looked at all the stalls in the market, and nothing could compare to the amazing beauty and freshness and order of this stall.  I'm going back next week!  I just noticed there is rhubarb in this picture!  Rhubarb!  Time for more jam making!

 Look at this huge pile of radishes!  I'm dazzled.

 I saw a chef shopping there, no doubt in part because of the huge fresh herb collection.  Beauty, shape, and color all around.  I told the farmer that his stall was the best in the market.  He gets a prize for a nice smile, too!


Rosemary said...

What a joyous display of vegetables Beth - the colours, shapes and textures invite one to embroider, paint or do something to emulate them.
Did you ever work out the process for watermarking your pictures? If you need more help let me know.
A lovely post.

Cal said...

Beautiful pictures, or should I say beautiful vegetables, love the arrangements too! And I really like the header picture you have on. A doorway face!