Saturday, November 10, 2012

Istanbul Street Scenes

 From this little cart, you could buy a peeled apple.  

I like the way the scarves on this sumptuous stall look like a curtain.

 We stepped through a doorway and saw a man standing near coals used to put into hookahs,

and here is the hookah cafe.  Men, men, everywhere men.  I kept looking around Istanbul and wondering, where are all the women?

 This man sold peeled apples and melons.

 This man dipped sticks into gooey candy, and wound it around in a beautiful design to make something like a lollipop.

 Look at this tiny, beautiful little shop the size of a closet.

 The spice market was dazzling, and I kept thinking about Nicholas, my chef son, and thinking about how much he would love it.

 Turkish delight!

 I wonder what Mesir Macunu's Aprodisiaque Des Sultans is made of?

 Copper Turkish coffee pots!

 Many people were selling roasted ears of corn and chestnuts.

 This man was making little cakes of a spice mixture which he let us taste, wrapped in a little piece of lettuce.  Spicy and delicious!

 I love the gorgeous shoe shine stands which were all lined up together!  The shoeshine men kept telling me that my shoes were dirty and needed to be cleaned.  It was true, and it made me laugh!

My little boy is holding a top which we bought from a boy selling them.  He played with it most of the time we were walking in Istanbul.  It was attached to a string and he could walk it along the sidewalk.  He's looking at a lot of pastries which he couldn't have because they have nuts in them.

What is the beautiful red food?  I wanted to taste everything.


salley said...

Beth, your photos bring back memories of our trip to Turkey exactly a year ago! Beautiful!

Cammie said...

beautiful pictures!!! you are making me want to go to turkey. the market looks amazing!

Cammie said...

beautiful pcitures!! now I want to go to turkey. what an amazing market!

Ella Funty said...

I'd like to send you pictures of some of the crafts I made from this blog. Where do I send them?

Ella Funty said...

I'd like to send you some pictures of crafts I made from this blog. Where do I send them?