Saturday, December 15, 2012

L'Escalade: Celebrating the Defense of Geneva

Off to Geneva on a cold and cloudy day, to celebrate the defense of Geneva by the townspeople, against Savoyard invaders, in 1604.

The costumes were beautiful!

These are some pikeman who did a demonstration.  I kept looking at the beautiful handmade stockings of many rich colors!

Here are musketeers.

Beautiful handknit socks.....

These men were collecting donations to fund costumes and other expenses in yellow cans.

We bought a pin with Geneva colors and a metal badge from these cute, jolly little boys.

Look at the braces the musketeers are carrying.  They prop their guns on the braces while shooting.

The wooden containers which the men are wearing on a strap across their chests contain measures of gunpowder.

Drums and


We bought delicious hot wine in little pottery cups at this stand.

This man was calling out, "Vin chaud!  Vin chaud!"

This girl is covering her ears because the musket fire was so loud.  I spilled my hot wine the first time they shot.

Here are the musketeers tamping down the fuel...(I think it was a piece of cloth and some gunpowder.) 

This man has a lit rope wick in his hand.  These muskets go off when the fuel is ignited with the wick.  There is no trigger.

Here is a chocolate marmite with a Geneva sheild and colors on it, and marzipan vegetables.  If you want to see why this is a symbol of the Escalade, see my posting from last year at

Look at this character who was quietly watching the festivities.


Appleshoe said...

Happy New Year in advance! This looks like another beautiful stop you've made. Bear would love to visit here one day. We both love history so much. Did you know that he used to be a history teacher? I forget if I told you that, but I love sharing your posts with him. I thought about you Christmas Eve when I put porridge our for the Tomten. I hope everything is well with you and yours. Take care and Happy New Year.

softearthart said...

Wow Beth, what a lovely kaleidoscope of colors,
"Happy new Year to you"
cheers Marie