Monday, December 3, 2012

Pine Cone Elf Skier Ornament

I adapted Martha Stewart's pine cone elves to make these pine cone elf skier ornaments.  This is fun to do with some grown-up friends.  We got together and did the craft in preparation for making ornaments with 40 nine year olds for a class holiday party project.  We made kits for the children with all the materials they need, precut.  The children will draw the faces, sew the hat, and assemble the elves, although adults will be manning the hot glue guns.

What you need:

3/4 inch wooden craft bead
felt hat and scarf (hat template at  Our scarf is 3/8" wide and about 6 and a half inches long.
(2) 8 and a half inch pieces of red pipe cleaner
(2) 3" pieces of wooden kabob skewer
2 popsicle sticks
needle and thread to match hat
a pin
a black sharpie pen (a fine-tipped permanent marker.)
a red crayon
a hot glue gun

Draw a face on your wooden bead.  Put the eyes about halfway down the head and not too far apart.  Children will want to draw a whole face, but it looks cute with just the eyes, too.  Make cherry cheeks with the crayon.

Pin the hat and sew with a running stitch up the back of the hat.  Wrap the arms under the shoulders, the wide part of the pine cone, from the back to the front.  If they are well nestled under the scales, the arms should stay in place.  Loop the ends to make some hands.

Now wrap the legs around the narrow part of the cone, from front to back, and twist once.  Bring the legs forward and bend into ski position.  Loop the ends to make feet.

Hot glue bead on for head.  Hot glue hat into position, tipped back a little bit.  Hot glue feet to skis.

Wrap hands around skewer ski poles.

Tie on the scarf.  You might have to adjust the legs a little to get your skier to stand up well if you want to use him as a tabletop ornament.  He's a new skier!  But you can also sew a loop to the back of the neck or the top of the hat and hang him on the tree.

Here is a picture of the women laughing as they try to get their little skiers to stand up.

This little guy looks a little unsure of himself, like me when I ski!

Now decorate your tree and bring some Christmas cheer into your house with your adorable elf skier!

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Fiona said...

Your skier is amazing, and your craft session looks like the most fun ever. I wish we lived closer so I could pop by and craft with you!
Is the craft for the local Swiss school?
Whatever, I am sure the kids will love it.