Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recycled Assemblages: Flying Contraptions and Creatures

 Make a flying contraption or creature!  It can be completely invented!  This is my contraption, a submarine/helicopter.  I wanted to inspired everyone to make something colorful and imaginary.  It started as a flying contraption project, but one child wanted to make a phoenix.  It turned out about half of the children preferred making creatures.  This group was made up of children in second through fifth grade.

We had lots of supplies.  I put the art tools on one table:  glue, tape, scissors, sharpie pens, etc.

 On another long table we had collage papers, corks, pipe cleaners, wooden skewers, red corrugated craft paper, tiny pompoms, feathers, tongue depressors, and lots of recyclables!  Everyone could get up and pick out what they wanted.  One of the children's mothers manned the hot glue gun so we didn't have to wait for heavy things to dry.

 The recyclables were corks, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, plastic bottle caps, newspaper, and cardboard boxes, quilt fabric scraps, etc.  I love the way some of the children used skewers to skewer their pieces together!

 Every child had an empty plastic milk bottle at their work spot as a base.

 They knew just what to do and plunged in!!!!!!!  Children love assemblage!

 I love how very, very creative and individual their creations came out.

 No two were alike, and I love that, because I know they are expressing themselves and their own ideas.  They worked with intense concentration.

 Unfortunately, our work space has very low light, so my photographs don't do the creations justice.

 The brown paper bag is a balloon from which this construction is suspended.

 I like the fact that a lot of the children used strong color.

This was a great project.  Tomorrow I'm doing it with kindergarten and first grade.  You can do this with preschoolers, too.  Just don't suggest they make anything in particular.  Let it be abstract!

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