Thursday, January 24, 2013

Royal Portraits

 I would have liked to decorate my studio with these wonderful Royal Portraits done by 2nd through 5th graders, a project I saw on Deep Space Sparkle.  I made templates for the crowns, and the children traced them onto collage papers in whatever color they chose.  They cut out the crowns and glued them near the top of the paper.

 Using a water resistant crayon, they drew a "U" for the face, under the crown, a neck, and shoulders.  Then they drew features.  As children get older, some of them get a little uncertain about how well they can draw people, and need some encouragement.  If a child got stuck, we talked them through some of the facial features....a nose can be like a soft "L", for example.

 I wanted all the children to fill in the background, like this artist, but some preferred white and some ran out of time.  He even added dots in complementary colors.  Wow!  It's dynamic!

 Glitter was the last thing we added, after the children painted their portraits with tempera paints.  Unfortunately, the paint on this wonderful portrait wasn't dry when we added glitter, the last touch.  She was disappointed, and I hope she was able to brush the glitter off when it dried, at home.  I love to look at the expressions in children's portraits.  This queen has a very appealing expression.

 The artist gave this queen or princess a necklace and diagonal stripes.

Mmmm.....zigzags!  I love them!

 "May I do any kind of hat, not just a crown?" asked this artist.  "Sure!"  He always has his own creative idea, and this time, it was a baseball cap.  He said this character was a skater.

 This girl likes to do Anime eyes.  She does them well, but should I try to get her to look at real eyes and what they look like?  I think I will try to find a gentle way to do that.

 This king looks like he has a personality to be reckoned with!  He is forceful and intense.  And I love his high-necked striped complementary colored shirt!

Mothers and fathers, when your children come home with art like this, frame it!!!!!!!


Sandy said...

Can you take a hairdryer(or fan) to dry things more quickly? or to be sure on pieces before adding glitter? I have done that in workshops.
Sandy in the UK

Beth said...

Brilliant, Sandy! Thank you. Beth

Anonymous said...

These are so fabulous! Thanks for sharing them!