Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowy Swiss Paper Bag Neighborhood!

 I saw this project....where?  I can't remember....some wonderful art teacher blog!  It was a paper bag houses project.  We added our own spin......houses in the snow!  What a great Swiss winter project in art!

 This project took a lot of preparation by me since it was a project for tiny children.  First I filled brown paper American lunch bags with one sheet of newspaper each, and stapled them at the top.  I hot glued the houses to cardboard.  I slit the sides of Swiss white paper treat bags (and shortened them in length.)  These are for the rooftops.  Then I put out glue, brushes, scissors, and the collage papers.  I heated up the glue gun and had the silver glitter and white tempera paint ready.  I had a box of pine cones for bushes, some newspaper for the chimney smoke, and toilet paper tubes cut in half for the chimneys.  I also slit the chimneys so they could just be slid into place.  This project was for kindergarten and first grade.

 Look at the cute little Swiss village!

 First the children cut icicles into the edge of their roofs if they wanted, and glued them in place.

 Then they added collage paper features in any colors they wanted to the houses: windows, doors, doorknobs, and walkways.  Some children colored their walkways with crayons or markers.

 A half a toilet paper tube makes a good chimney, and a crumple of newspaper is a wonderful wisp of gray smoke.  I got out my glue gun and added glue wherever they wanted to put a pine cone bush.  It was fun to see how they wanted to do their landscaping.  Some like a natural look, some like symmetry.

 I was fascinated to see that before painting the ground white, for snow, some children wanted to color the grass underneath, first.  This house has skylights!  The white paint is one of the last things to do, followed by a magic sprinkle of silver glitter, to make the snow glisten.  I put a sprinkle of glitter in each child's hand when they were ready.  They could pinch tiny amounts of the glitter with their other fingers, and sift it down onto the wet paint.

It's fun to touch the tips of the bushes with snow, too.  Look!  This house has a pine cone in the chimney!


Crlz said...

I love these, Beth -- I think they are my favorite of your children's projects so far! For some reason looking at these brought tears to my eyes. What a great project!
xoxo Carol xoxo

Crlz said...

I love these, Beth! My favorite children's project you've posted so far. For some reason these brought tears to my eyes -- just wonderful!
xoxo Carol xoxo

Mama Up! said...

Such a great idea!

Beth said...

Another village is coming soon....I'm going to do it with the older group and talk about the kinds of buildings there are in a Swiss village. I'm hoping for some patisseries, chalets, churches, schools, etc....

Carol...are you My Carol?


Nicole Vangen said...

Oh Beth, your blog is jus he inspiration I need. Love here house and hose winter birds.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessed be, Nicole

Paper Shoppers said...

Nice paper bag collection.