Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dance Paintings

 We turned on Shakira's "Waka Waka" and danced around the room yesterday.  We thought about what our arms, legs and bodies were doing as we danced.  Then I asked the children to use their crayons to draw themselves dancing, and told them they could dress themselves anyway they wanted.  Some children asked if they had to draw themselves.  I said no.  Look at this DJ dancing on his head!  Look at those great red and orange circles and all the dots above!

What seems to be most important in this picture are the legs, the high kick, and the flowy pants.  There are musical notes in the air!

 This girl is outside and the lines all around the body seem to indicate movement.

 I think this girl was very aware of what her arms do when she dances.  If we look closely, young children tell us what they are thinking about when they paint.

 Flowing hair, and a bright pink dress grab my attention in this painting.  Perhaps the painter was thinking about how her dress billows out when she twirls.

 This girl's whole body is dancing, from her arms, waving in the air, to her fancy high-heeled shoes!

 Another painting with very active arms, and some decorative dots in the air!

 I see a twirling dancer, long hair, a graceful curve of arms overhead, and a shooting star!

This self-aware person is watching her own arms moving, and her legs shifting as she dances.  I sense an expression of movement in the body, too.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a pictures of the last three paintings.  Oh, phooey.


Anonymous said...

These are so fabulous! I feel like I'm dancing right along with them!

Beth said...

Thanks, readingwithrhythm! Me, too! Beth