Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Make Brown Sugar!

Last summer when I left the United States for Switzerland, my suitcases were heavy with brown sugar and chocolate chips!  But I just found molasses in a speciality store in our city, so now I can make brown sugar myself just by added the molasses to sugar.  I love this traditional can and its beautiful label.  I think that it is a picture of a smiling lion surrounded by honey bees.   My son thought it was a dead lion surrounded by flies!


Rosemary said...

Abram Lyle was a Scottish businessman who established the business in London in the late 19th century. Your son is right - the illustration shows the rotting carcass of a lion with a swarm of bees, and the slogan "out of the strong came forth sweetness" in reference to the bible story re:Samson.
Samson travelled to Philistine in search of a wife. During the journey he killed a lion, and when he returned he noticed that a swarm of bees had formed a comb of honey in the carcass.

Kayli said...

You don't live in Bern, do you? Because I don't think there is molasses here... I wish there was. I always have people tuck in a bag of brown sugar when they mail me anything. But I never did ask for chocolate chips--I just chop up the 45 rappen bars and they work great. Bigger chunks are better anyway, right?
Glad you found molasses, and yes the can is way cool. :)

Sandy said...

And...Sampson used the lion/honey concept to propose a riddle to his enemies. They were unable to solve it until they threatened his wife to get the answer from him.

Tate and Lyle sugar products are made with sugar beets grown in the UK!
Sandy in the UK

Beth said...

Rosemary, you have such fascinating knowledge! Thank you for your wonderful information! And Kayli, try Globus....that's where I got my Black Treacle, in the fabulous food hall! Good luck! Beth

Lilyshaw said...

Thanks for sharing, your post made me smile!

Mirjam said...

Interesting, didn't know you could make it yourself. I'm not sure it's the same product, but brown sugar is readily available here in the Netherlands.
As it's skiing season, you could ask some dutch skiers to bring it along for you. (Or send me a train ticket for personal delivery...haha)

Good luck!

Gardeningbren said...

When we were in our twenties, hub and I went to sea on Tate and Lyle Ships. Many times, we brought sugar back from Trinidad, Jamaica and Australia, to England on the cargo ships. We would offload at the Woolwich dock. There were piles of sugar, like mountains and the weight of the sugar pressed the syrup/molasses out, so it ran along the dock. Not fun to walk through, all sticky, covering our shoes heading out for the evening.

We have a great fondness for Tate and Lyle products. Perhaps now sugar beets contribute to the products but back in the 70's we brought a lot of sugar back to England from other countries.

Really enjoyed this post and the biblical reference.

Beth said...

I have never seen such a bunch of fascinating stories and comments left in a response to something on my blog before. Wow!