Sunday, February 17, 2013


 My husband and youngest came snowshoeing with me for the first time.  I was so happy!

I loved the way my boy kept making his own paths.  It's strenuous!  The snow was deep.  We could see the tops of fence posts sticking out of the snow.

 We had a snow picnic next to a mazot, a mountain dwelling for the cowherd, his family, and the cows.

 We sat on a pile of lumber in a beautiful spot, just out of the range of the water dripping off the roof.

 I like the way snowshoeing takes you into the quieter parts of the mountains, away from ski crowds and the clanking of the lifts.

I count my lucky stars when we can spend the day in such a beautiful place.  And it is only about twenty minutes from our apartment!  Wow!


Rosemary said...

I love Switzerland and you have shown her in all her glory - beautiful.

softearthart said...

Just lovely Beth, I LOVE the new photo of you on the right of your blog, you look sweet,

cheers Marie

Beth said...

Hi, Rosemary! I remember your posting about Switzerland, and that your son carried Action Man everywhere!

Thank you, Marie! love, Beth

Fiona said...

It looks glorious Beth.

Oddly enough snow shoeing is something both my girls are keen to try, but I worried they were too young (they are 7 and 5).

Did you hire shoes for your son? And do you think little ones can snow shoe too?

*As a total aside, are you aware that to submit a comment to your Blog we need to work through that character recognition test. This is my second attempt to submit this comment and get the character recognition right. Maybe simple moderation would be enough?

Beth said...

That sounds frustrating, Fiona. I removed it. I put it on last year because I got some spammy stuff!

Beth said...

Also, Fiona, I guess I would try hiring them and take the children for a short jaunt. They have special paths for children, for introducing them to the sport. Maybe you could combine a little snowshoeing with sledding and some fondu in a little restaurant next to the path! Could you borrow some snowshoes? I'm looking for used ones so we can bring a friend along next time for my son. New ones are on sale at athleticum, but they are not inexpensive. Beth

Fiona said...

Thanks Beth. I think I will try and hire them, and if the girls like it then pick some up at the 'Kinder Borse' (second hand sale).

Thanks for inspiring us :-)