Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Birds

 I saw this beautiful project on Deep Sparkle Space at:
and decided to try it with the kindergarteners and first graders.  I adapted the project to our time limits and made posters to show the steps, to help the children keep track.

I love the colorful bird above, and its untroubled expression as it flies in the snowy forest.  It was snowing hard the day we did this project, making it all even more special.  Don't you wonder what the birds are doing when it is snowing hard?

 I gave each child two white strips of paper for their birch trees.  They dipped a little rectangle of cardboard into black paint and scraped and tapped the cardboard to make bark.  If you have time you could also provide gray paint.

 Each child picked out a construction paper background color they liked and glued on their trees.  (We actually had to start working on the birds before we could glue the trees, because they were wet for a little while.)  Our work spaces got cluttered.  That frustrated the children some.  I might make work stations next time, to spread out.

 Now each child picked out five different colors of our fabulous collage papers, and either created a bird of their own design, or used some cardboard templates.


Although I provided templates for the children who wanted to use them, the birds are all wonderfully different, depending on the child's color choices, and how they used the pieces.  Look at this bird.  It's flying.  Look how its head is pushed forward with the effort.

 This bird is hunkered down to keep warm in the cold, snowy night.

 This one is perched but seems to be flicking its wings, perhaps to shake off snow.  I like the striking checkerboard pattern of the three birch trees in the background.

 This one is flying and there is an intensity about it, with its swirl of an eye.  I love the crest on its head, too.

 This one seems to be resting, enduring the weather patiently, fluffing itself a bit to stay warm.

 This special bird was made without templates by a tiny and very creative girl.  It seems like a brave bird to me.  Notice its feet and the leaf rubbing body.

 This bird has a wonderful expression and a metallic gold beak.  I brought the metallic gold to add to the collage box today.  It was from a chocolate box.  The children love metallic paper, and we can't get enough of it.

This proud bird is flying right off the page.  I think the vertical tree limbs on orange are striking, and I like the way the trees are side by side.

 There is something very hopeful and striving about this bird, trying hard to fly up.

 Pink and red are wonderful together!  What a nice, happy, and colorful bird!  What a wonderful project to do on a snowy winter day!

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