Thursday, February 7, 2013

You're Ready to Be an Illustrator

This project is called "Winter Birds," and I learned about it on Deep Sparkle Space, an art teacher's blog.  Go down to the next post for some instructions and a link.  The grade 2-5 class amazed me today.  This child and her neighbor experimented with the lengths of their birch trees, and put snow at the bottom of the picture, and made their own bird designs.  (I provided templates for those who wanted them.)  They were very successful at creating a sense of depth in a forest.

This bird seems to have just taken flight.  Look how effectively the artist made trees of different widths, creating a wonderful sense of perspective.

I feel so inspired today.  I try to inspire these children.  They inspire me back.  I make art almost every day as a result.  Look at this dynamic color combination, and this very determined-looking bird.  I like the way the trees are leaning apart a little in this picture.

I just noticed that the sun is peeking from behind a tree in this picture!

The artist who did this picture told me that it bothered her not to see both eyes, so she did two.  I envy these color choices, they are so striking.  I love what looks like a very complacent or perhaps fatalistic expression on the bird.  Snow, again?

This bird reminds me of a woodpecker because of its position.  The snow makes a beautiful pattern.

I feel that the spirits of these children come through in their birds.  I could look at their art for a long time.  Look at the delicate curves of the branches.

I would like to know more about this bird, and about the drawings on its back.  It's fascinates me.

Another bird on a hurry through the woods!

I was a little blown away when I saw this black and gray and white design.  The boy who did it cut up the front of the sketch book for this beautiful collage.  Look at the curved beak.  Even the lack of an eye seems to be right.  And look at that little touch of orange.  When I watch this child work, I can see how important art is to him.

Another unique creation.  I love it and I wonder about that open mouth.  Is it making a sound?  There is an inherent drama to this picture.

Teaching art, part time, like I do, feeds my own creativity.  I love to be around artists of any age.  We spark one another.  We inspire one another.  I love it.


Unknown said...

these are truly amazing, and yes, very inspiring. What a wonderful opportunity to work with these children. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are so fabulous! Thanks for sharing them!

Beth said...

Thanks, Sarah, and Reading With Rhythm. I hope you were inspired today! Beth

Olga Bogoroditskaya said...

Hello! Reading Your blog! Wonderful! Very interesting! I'm drawing with children,mould. I am engaged in the author's doll and toy. I would be glad if You visit my blog. With respect, Olga.

Aurelia said...

Our little birds:
Thanks, Beth!

Beth said...

Wow! Thanks Aurelia! They are beautiful! I tried to leave a comment on your blog. I couldn't tell if it took it. love, Beth

Beth said...

Hi, Olga! Yes, I will visit your blog! Beth