Friday, March 8, 2013

A Quilt for Us

 The night I picked out these colors, for a quilt for my husband's and my bed, I couldn't sleep.  I was excited, because these colors make me so happy!!!!!!!!

 Here they are all cut up, in all kinds of rectangles of different widths and lengths.  I will arrange the rectangles in bars.

 This is what my husband saw, in the living room, when he got home from a trip yesterday.  Poor man. He is so patient.

 The fabric with the purple birds and deep yellow background is the main fabric.  I've never done a quilt in these kinds of colors, and I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I couldn't resist them.  I want our room to look like springtime and sunshine!

 I think I need to go back to what I started with.  I was trying to combine colors yesterday, and something wasn't working.  I thought it might be that I needed a lot of white, and I cut up a sheet which was getting worn out, but that doesn't seem to be it.

 Today I am going to go back to look at the first picture in this post, and simplify my color choices.  I think when I added fabrics from my stash, the quilt started going in several different directions.

I think I need to go back to this center fabric, hanging on the back of a dining room chair, and not use the fabrics which "almost" work.  I've always thought that a few mavericks keep things exciting....but maybe it's too much this time....Especially since these colors are an all new experience for me.


Anonymous said...

As a quilter, I definitely think that letting things rest for a day or even a month so you can get a fresh look at it is always helpful. That being said, in the last year I have made several quilts in which I just had fun sewing with abandon, doing as you did cutting up my fabrics in a variety of lengths and widths and then piecing them, fitting in one color or piece at a time. It's ok to push boundaries, what's the worst that will happen? You'll use up some of your stash. You may end up with a beautiful oops that you can use in some other way or take your project, or go in an entirely different direction than you had initially imagined. Check out my blog post which is all about this very idea:

Beth said...

Hi, Franciful Arts, I did go read the posting. I had gotten up early and was eating some cereal. As I read, I started to chew more and more quickly because I was so excited. It made me realize how much I miss working with and spending time with other artists! I'm going to explore your blog some more. You inspired me today! Thanks for the great advice and encouragement. Beth