Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Starry Night in the Forest

 It snowed the day before we did this project, so even though spring is on its way, there is still time to to think of winter's austere beauty.

I asked the children to imagine that they were in the forest at night.  Had anyone ever been in the forest at night?  Some had and we talked about it.  I talked about how I can see the full moon from my bedroom window, and how beautiful tree limbs (and everything) look in the light of the moon.  We imagined that we were standing in the forest looking up at the moon, with the branches of trees coming in from all sides.

I had collected some tree limbs with Karma and had put them in a vase in the middle of the table.  We looked at them and chatted a little bit about how trees have thick trunks, big branches, smaller branches, and twigs.

First the children used something round to trace a moon...a cup, a biscuit cutter, a jar lid.  If you use a thick blue marker to do the tracing, that will make it easier to paint around your moon.  They dipped their big brushes into pale gray paint and put some craters on their moons.

Some of the children used the crayon to shade their moon.

 Then the children drew trees with black wax crayons, and painted some slightly watered down ultramarine tempera paint over it all.

 I can't stop looking at this one, which has no stars but seems very misty and mysterious.

To do the stars, cover a table with newspaper and load your brush with watery white paint.  Practice tapping the metal part of the brush, (the ferrule,) on your finger.  Tiny specks of white paint will speckle down.  Are they stars?  Are they snowflakes?  You decide.

Those twinkling little white dots look magical on the deep ultramarine blue, and this moon looks incredibly three-dimensional with the shading.

Have fun!


Twisted Cinderella said...

They are all so wonderful!

Cecilia said...

Wow! the paintings are so beautiful!
I wish I had an art teacher at school :)

Beth said...

Aren't they magical?!!!! Beth

Anonymous said...

These are really lovely! I like this project. Thanks for sharing!