Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clay Boat Project for Kids

 My little boy made a sculpture of a man in a boat at the wonderful Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island a few years ago, and I always wondered about that man in his boat.  Where was he going?  What was in the basket?  Why was he wearing a big sun hat?

This project is inspired by that one.  I decided to tell the children that they were going to a tropical island.  They needed a big hat because it was hot and sunny.  If they had all the things they needed on the island, their family, food, and a shelter, what would they bring with them, (and put in the basket in their boat?)

This sculpture is so delightful.  This happy guy seems to be looking around at the sights, and he will never be hungry with the red grill and the hamburger cooking on it.

 So what would each child bring on their trip?  I thought this was an interesting question, but as we started to discuss it I realized that I would present it differently next time.  Most of the children wanted to bring a generator and their video games and T.V.'s.  I was surprised and found myself wanting to influence their decisions because I couldn't believe they were going to be sitting inside the dark palm leaf hut playing video games on the paradisiacal tropical island.  It made me want to hurl the video games into the lagoon!  It really wasn't what I had in mind!

 Next time I will paint a picture with words about what kind of fun you could have on a tropical island a la Swiss Family Robinson, then I will let them go with their imaginations to bring whatever they want without comment from me.

 This character has a sailboat and a visor on.

This guy has a lot of vitality!  He looks to me like he just got to the island and is about to spring out of the boat. Look at the eager and wistful little dog.

 Another happy traveller with a sweet dog!

 The bright pink and yellow which this pretty long-haired girl is wearing make me happy.

 There is one child in my class who loves technology and machines, and he made a very detailed submarine with a very tiny person riding on top.

It even has an amazing tiny propeller!

Another sub with a tee-tiny person on top....

This submarine is made of wet clay by a boy who missed the clay modeling lesson.  I was looking the other way when he started to paint it.  I wonder if the paint stuck?

There was a lot of talk about hamburgers that day (I think the children were hungry!) and one child even made a big hamburger with his leftover clay.  I pretended to take a bite and told him it was yummy.  He smiled at me.

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Appleshoe said...

This looks like it was a fun and creative way to get imaginations flowing. I love the hamburger at the end :) Be well.