Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frottage Project

 Our world is full of amazing textures which are fun to touch.  You can use these textures to make art.  We worked inside, but if it is dry out, you could have a wonderful walk outdoors and collect lots of rubbings!  This project is good for people of all ages.

Collect all kinds of interesting textures from your house, and make a workspace with some newspaper.

I love this bumpy and beautiful mini tart form.  It got flattened by the rubbing!

Since the cheese grater is sharp on one side, I taped it down, with the sharp side underneath.

Erik is a young artist who helps out with the upper primary class.  He demonstrated the method for children who were finished painting their clay boats.  He always takes projects in interesting directions and inspires the children with his intensity.  The children working below are from the kindergarten/first grade class.

After peeling the paper off the crayons the children rubbed over the textures onto paper, the crayons held flat.

 It's fun to layer the textures on top of one another.  It's also fun to use different colors to see how they mix.  Most of the children just experimented with the shapes and textures, making abstract compositions, but some made flowers and other kinds of pictures.

 Some of the children became very absorbed and spent a long time doing frottage.  Some only stayed with it a short time.

 I was fascinated with what Erik created, which shows how far an older artist can take the explorations.

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