Friday, March 29, 2013

Hugs for My Sister

 I wanted to send my sister some big hugs, so I made her a quilt.  I used a gorgeous Amy Butler fabric I have been saving, and lots of pink for peace and comfort.  I used an extra thick batting and tied it all together.

Here is a little surprise of color on the back.  Quilting is so much fun for me, a way to express love through collage art you can cuddle.


Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks beautiful and cozy! I wish I could sew like you but I'm too impatient to persevere!
Your blog is beautiful...I love all the natural, olden feel crafts and games. I tried the natural egg dying and it turned out stunning, much more satisfying than store bought egg dyes. Thanks for sharing!
Happy Easter,

Beth said...

That's great Marcella! I wish I could see them! Beth