Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making Home

I put on my frilliest and most colorful apron, and got busy making

my first batch of strawberry rhubarb jam,

decking the apartment with beautiful flowers,

making twelve shoebox looms for after school art,

working on my beautiful quilt,

watering the flowers on the balcony,

starting to read a funny book,

buying some quail eggs for decorating for Easter,

pruning the grape vine,

and making chicken soup for my little boy, who has a bad cold.  Making home, making it a place that feels good, smells good, and looks good, a place that is good to be, for body and soul.


softearthart said...

How special Beth, a home sure is a marvelous thing, when love is poured into it, cheers Marie

Beth said...

Hi, Marie,

It is! I love my home and I'm glad I am there making it a special place to, Beth