Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretty Spring Lanterns

 Today with the kindergarten and first grade after school class we made spring lanterns using jars and tissue paper.

Here is the beautiful selection of springy colors!

 Add a little water to glue to make a glaze.  Paint it on your jar and then start to layer tissue paper, which you can cut out or tear to make the shapes you want.  Paint more glaze on top.  It will make all the paper lie flat and will create a shiny seal.

 How pretty this combination of colors and shapes is!  I asked the children to try two use some geometric shapes, and to layer colors to make them change.  We talked briefly about color mixing.

 Here are two friends being twinsies, using similar color combinations.  Did you notice how nice the lanterns look with the shirt you can see in the picture?

 When things aren't too busy, I think it is good for the children to see an older artist working on the same project.  This is my Wednesday helper.  She's wonderful.

 Two of the girls did many jars!  There were plenty so I let them do as many as they wanted.  I told them that they had started a lantern factory.

 Look at the little dots made of crumples of paper.  I love the way the way the children always come up with some things I hadn't thought of.

 I gave each child a votive candle so their parents could light the lantern for dinner tonight.

 After doing one lantern they could make another smaller one, or do a paper collage.  Look at the sweet hands busy making art.

Tissue paper collage is fun and a great way to work with shapes and the layering and mixing of color.


kristin said...

i love to read your words about the children and their sweet hands. i feel the same and write about about my preschoolers in the same way. i am always touched at the sight of their hands busy creating.

Beth said...

Thank you, Kristin!!! Are you a teacher? love, Beth

kristin said...

Hi Beth! I'm just seeing your comment after coming back here. Yes, I have a little preschool and sometimes blog about it here if you'd like to take a peek.

Beth said...

I did peek at kleas, and I love it. I'm going to poke around and see what kind of ideas you are generating at your sweet preschool. Beth

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your creations with the world! Your crafts are both simple and profound. My children and I stay home and we are always looking for fun, generative activities during the day.
I am having a fall party in early october and I will be using some of your ideas!