Monday, April 8, 2013

A Patchwork Pillow for Sylvia

 Marianne and Lina and I made a pillow for Sylvia, Marianne's daughter, as a housewarming present.  We started it one morning right before the end of Marianne's visit, and got so busy and had so much fun that we worked right through lunch, so Marianne could take it home with her.

 We picked out all the colors together, trying to make something which would work nicely with Sylvia's sofa.  I loved collaborating with my friend, she was so decisive and has a great color sense, though she doesn't think so.  We used the crazy log cabin method, which is great for design-as-you-go! When Marianne got home her mother Lina helped her finish the pillow.

 These pictures of the finished pillow are tiny because they were taken with a phone.

 Look how beautifully the pillow is finished on the edges, and the pretty zipper and backing, below.

See the little pocket on the back?  It has a butterfly on it.  It is a surprise note pocket.  Marianne can put little love notes in the pocket when she goes to visit Sylvia!  Happy New Home, Sylvia!

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kristin said...

what a treasure!! i love all the little details.