Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weaving Fabric Scraps with Children

 The children worked with great absorption, and this project had beautiful results.

It helps to have beautiful materials displayed in an attractive way.  These are strips of my fabric scraps from quilting.

 I made shoebox looms for everyone.

 After cutting some slots with scissors, you wrap string around the box until you have the desired number of warp threads.

 Tie the ends together underneath the box.

 Some of the children already knew how to weave, and some needed a little one-on-one help.  These children were 2nd through 5th grade.

 It was so fun to watch the children create their own color combinations.

 Look at the beautiful results.  At first, I urged the children to tamp their fabric strips down firmly, but then I noticed that some of them wanted to see the fabric patterns and I backed off.  In order to preserve the beauty of the weavings which show off the fabric patterns, next time I would leave the weavings on the loom.  Perhaps I would make the looms out of styrofoam trays, as we did in "Weaving with Children."

This boy asked to leave his weaving in the loom.  Isn't it striking in the black box?


Audra Jones said...

Great project! I love when kids make a suggestion about their art & it turns out better than you expected. :)

huana said...

So bright and colorful,and great way to practice fine motor skills.

Lilyshaw said...

I love this project, the colour is so vibrant, must try this one at home !