Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Woven Paper Fish

I got this great project from a homeschooling blog called se7en, and here's the link: http://www.se7en.org.za/2011/06/10/fabulous-fish-of-the-woven-variety  I had the kindergarten and first grade children paint backgrounds with some sky blue tempera paint I mixed up.  It got pretty gloppy because they were having so much fun pushing the paint around, so some never dried in time.

I had some of this deep blue paper ready just in case.  The children drew, colored, and cut out fish, and I used my craft knife to cut slits in the fish.  I recommend that you cut the slits horizontally.

I had a collection of strips of collage papers on a long table, including plenty of gold strips.

When they were finished they cut out their fish and glued them onto the background paper.  (You might need some tape to hold some of the strips of paper in place on the back of the fish.)  So cute!  

This was a day when I felt a little guilty that the children didn't have smocks on.  Paint went everywhere, in the hair of the girls who pushed their long locks back while painting, and on their clothes.  Some of the mothers laughed, thank heavens, but I had my fingers crossed that the stains would come out, and that the mothers would put the girls' hair in pigtails next time!  


huana said...

They are pretty! Cool idea! Making it!

Lilyshaw said...

Beautiful artwork !