Friday, October 11, 2013

Paper Patchworking with Children

 Oh, goodness, it's all a bit blurry; I took some of these photos in a big hurry during class.  But wait until you see what the children did!  The picture above is my experiment sample.  I used some collage papers I made last spring and crazy patchworked them using a stapler.  I wanted to see what the upper primary class of after school art would do with the idea.

 Here's how!  Start with a square of fabric you like for inspiration.  Lay down a strip of collage paper or other colored paper so that the right sides are facing and the edges together.  Staple near the edge.

 Now fold the paper back and trim the excess paper off.  Wow!  It's gorgeous!

 Keep going in a spiral, always using a piece of paper which is a little too long, so you can trim it after stapling.  I had to demonstrate this several times.  It is kind of tricky if you have never sewn.

 So here is the finished demonstration, a first round of patchwork.  It started with the aqua, followed by the lime, then the stripes, and last of all, pink.  The next piece of collage paper would lay across the pink, aqua and lime.  Get it?

 Here are a few pieces of the children's work.  I like the way this boy decorated his papers before cutting them up and I especially like the white on royal blue.  Some of the children did not do a spiral, and that is perfectly fine; the results are dynamic.

 This one fascinates me.  I'd like to have a piece of art like this at my house.

This one is a spiral.

What do you think of this project?  I sure hope all these children like doing paper projects as much as I do!  I'm overflowing with ideas...Next: Swiss Papercutting with Children!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful works of art Beth! Thank you for sharing them! What a great idea to start with a piece of fabric in the center!

Beth said...

Hi, Fran,

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, Fran. Your blog has given me a lot of food for thought and I am actually evolving as a teacher as a result, in a wonderful way.

love, Beth