Sunday, September 28, 2014

St. Basel's Inspired Children's Paintings

Did you need to see some color today? Then look at these amazing paintings done by children in 3rd, 4rth, and 5th grade.

We looked at some pictures of St. Basel's Cathedral in Moscow. What a wonderful inspiration! Onion domes, swirls, checks, and other colorful patterns.

I asked the children to use large sharpie pens to draw their buildings. I encouraged everyone to be imaginative and make it the way they wanted. We talked about patterns a little, and three children demonstrated some patterns they could think up. I asked them to put pattern on the rooftops and on the sides of the buildings.

After using the sharpies they could add details with gold and silver paint pens.

Then it was time for watercolor paint! Look at the colors and details! I wish I had a poster of these paintings in my studio. They make me want to paint. According to Brenda Ueland, that's what art is...infection! When you see art, it makes you want to create, too.