Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Trees Collage for First and Second Grade.

 We put a big selection of materials about and spent a small amount of time talking about tree branches. Next time I'm going to bring a branch in as an example. We discussed how many branches are Y shaped, going from big Y's to little ones. The child who did this piece put her all into it. She was very involved, and it shows.

 Available collage materials were felt, fabric, yarn, colored tissue paper, construction paper, and odds and ends in the collage box.

I encouraged the children to add a little animal. Here's a squirrel!

 And here is a deer with a particularly sensitive combination of collage colors at the top.

 Some of the children wanted to draw the branches. That was fine. They are still building up the strength in their hands for cutting, and their hands get tired. The boy who did this wasn't that interested in the project but seemed to have fun dipping his crayon in glue and doing experiments with that. We wiped the glue off the crayon later.

 This child stuck on a bear she had made at school that day.

 My heart sank a little when I saw a whole ball of yarn become the top of a tree. She agreed to share the yarn and we cut some off.

 This child also didn't seem very engaged in the project, but I like the way he added golden chocolate box forms for leaves. I no longer take it personally that not everyone loves doing every project! It just isn't possible to engage everyone every time, and that's okay.

 Some leaves seem to be falling from this tree.

 The girl who did this tree was very involved in experimenting. She wet gluey tissue paper and squeezed it onto her tree. Her patient grandmother is always willing to carry something wet and sticky home.

 I love how bright this whole picture is. I really do love colored backgrounds.

Next time....Bead Weaving with the older children!

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