Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Native American Bead Weaving

Check the side bar for instructions or click the link at the bottom of the post. We usually weave every term, and this Third-Fifth grade class liked weaving yarn so much I brought in these bead looms I made out of wooden clementine and strawberry crates. This class is really patient and each child seems to love art. It is an awful lot of fun to work with them.

 Look at this beautiful rainbow weaving! We used 8 strings in the warp. That's a great number for making a striking pattern.

 One of the patterns we talked about when class started was chevrons. It's not easy to do chevrons and about three of the children wanted to try. Nice work!

 A mixture of patterns is fun, too!

 I find that children love to rise to the challenge of learning a difficult skill. They are so proud when they are successful.

 Next time I think I will hand out graph paper and let the children spend time designing before they weave. The classroom teacher also showed the children some examples of Native American Bead Weaving from google images, and I think I should do that next time, too, to put it all in context.

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