Tuesday, November 18, 2014

City Collage for Kindergarten and First Grade

 This is another project where the children had fun digging through collage papers and creating something unique.

 This child didn't feel like making a city. He wanted to make a sailboat. I like what he did with the cover of the construction paper pad.

 Seeing these exuberant crayon marks made me want to run home and make collage, too.

 Wow. Look at this luscious collection of shapes and gorgeous collage papers...plus some butterflies.

 This artist created some very striking shapes on black.

 This child worked with great intensity. He made a bridge, a building with many windows, some dark and some lit up, some towering buildings, a stop light, an observatory, and a rocket shooting to the moon in a star-filled sky. Wow.

 Exuberant marks and a striking collage shape.

 These boys had time to make wonderful masks.

 The child who made this is Polish and her art always has a wonderful Polish folk art flair. These buildings remind me of a szopka theater.

And one last beauty mounted on some yummy found collage paper....

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