Sunday, November 9, 2014

Making Cardboard Castles with the Little Ones

Castle building! We do it every term. The children who have never done it before get pretty excited about being architects.  They use white glue and masking tape to put things together, and we grown-ups have a glue gun handy for glueing the difficult bits. Staplers would be handy, too!

I bring lots and lots of materials. In fact, my house gets pretty junked up with all the stuff I collect: toilet paper and paper towel rolls, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard, egg cartons, and more. I also bring in beads, yarn, tissue paper, and everything else handy. As a matter of fact, I brought in a box of beads to iron into patterns, (just for the beads,) couldn't find it, and then discovered it in this castle! I had to cut the box lid and take out the kit!

Do you see the inverted cones on top of the paper towel rolls? They contain pretty colored beads.

I love to see the children's hands darting in and out, showing me things, making things.

I brought in some little wooden fruit crates to hold materials and they became pieces of castles!

This zebra pattern-covered toilet paper roll is a chandelier inside a castle.

This bat got mixed in. It was part of a Halloween decoration at the school Halloween party recently. The crate on top is full of little pieces of blue construction paper.

This crate is a comfy bed. Some of the children were planning on playing with their castles when they got home.

And another comfy bed, on the second floor.

This tower had a ladder made out of wooden skewers when it was finished.

Egg carton forms make good turret roofs. You can also make good tower roofs by slitting a circle to the middle, and taping it into a cone shape. I couldn't believe that this child managed to cut out a little door using safety scissors! We grown-ups also have sharp scissors and a craft knife for these sorts of tasks.

What do you think these little pieces of gold paper are? I wish I could remember. It was something really funny.

During class someone suddenly cried out, "I lost my tooth!" Her hand flew to her mouth and we rushed over.

"Look, it landed right here in this glue!" We stared at it, amazed...(see it on the left?) Well, I am just as gullible as the average 8 year-old, I guess. It's was just a white bead!

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