Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Snowy Paper Bag Houses

 Aren't these little houses adorable? They are made with lunch bags. The children can start by painting their cardboard base white. Then it can dry while they work on the house.

They can draw on the paper bag while it is flat. They can add color with watercolor paints, but I urged them not to get the paint too watery. As usual, a sample project by me was an inspiration for lots of their own enchanting and individual ideas, as you can see.

 They gently stuffed the paper bag with some loosely balled newspaper. Ottilie prepared some newspaper so the children wouldn't stuff large pieces in their houses...that would have caused these delicate bags to rip. We stapled the top of the bags together and an adult used the glue gun to attach the houses to the bases when they were dry enough.

We had some white paper ready for them to make a roof, folded in half, so they could cut both sides of icicles at the same time. We helped them size their roofs so that details on the houses wouldn't be covered up. We wanted them to glue the roof on top but a few children found the stapler and used that.

 Some of the children made a construction paper walkway, pine cone bushes or trees, (which we adults attached with the glue gun,) and a few made some delightful snowmen. Acorns were also added to some yards.

 I must have missed taking pictures of a few of the houses, unfortunately. That's too bad, because they were all so cute!

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