Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stein Am Rhein and Its Medieval Market

 We visited this amazing little Medieval town on the Rhine River in Switzerland this weekend to see the Christmas market.

 I knew it was going to be a pretty town, but I could hardly believe my eyes.

 I feasted my eyes on the murals on the buildings in the square around the Town Hall. Switzerland has taught me to appreciate the subtle beauty of a grayed down color palate.

 The town is beautifully maintained, and the murals are restored from time to time. How did this little town escape uglification?

 There are many images of St. George because there is a Cloister named after him in Stein Am Rhein. Even the manhole covers have St. George on them.

 The Christmas market also wasn't what I was expecting. I thought we were going to be visiting a little market which would show a lot of German influence, since we were close to the border, and I was looking forward to adding to my supply of wooden German Christmas ornaments. But it was a medieval market with a distinct New Age/Lord of the Rings flavor. Do you see the elf ears in this picture? There were many costumed people in attendance.

 We saw a battle demonstration.

 The think this is the syrup stand. Sirop, (in French,) is added to water to flavor it. Children love it.

 The dragon handler is at the end of this row of booths. There was also a blacksmith.

 This is the leather goods stand. The leather goods were amazingly beautiful "pockets" for attaching to your belt. I wish they made pocketbooks, too.

 This is the fur stand, next to the longbow and arrow vendor. We also saw the potions lady, her hair wreathed with herbs and ivy, a man grilling sausages, a fortune teller, some Gandalfian staffs, hand-tooled leather book covers,  jewelry, including cape pins, and a Medieval costume seller.

I wish you could see this painting better. The drawings of the animals really inspired me.

What an amazing place, and what a wonderful place to visit.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful place. I hope I see it some day. Thanks, Beatriz