Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Penguin Project

 Here's a mighty cute project I saw on Deep Sparkle Space. We did this project with the 1rst and 2nd graders. It took about one and a half classes. They started by painting some colorful patterned backgrounds.

While those dried they started working on the penguins. First they drew a big "U" on black paper, and cut it out. Next, a smaller white "U". Two "D" shapes made wings. They cut out eyes, beak, and feet.

 The children then had fun rummaging in the collage box for goodies to use to dress their penguins.

 The expressions are so individual and adorable.

 A bit of silver paper from Pepperidge Farm cookies adds a lot of sparkle!

 This is a witch penguin with a flask full of pompom potion and a broom made from a skewer and a piece of wood from a tiny fruit crate. What a great imagination!

 This penguins says, "I'm cold!"

 Look how much care this child took to do squiggles made from string. She also braided string for a scarf and made a broom.

This child was absent the first week, so he didn't have a chance to make a colored background. Most of the children had fun adding snowflakes using white paint and a cotton swab.

Next week I will have children finishing penguins, finishing the following project, "The Princess and the Pea," and starting new projects! Three projects! How do you handle absences and different work speeds? I really want children to be able to work at their own pace, without rushing anyone...but...yikes!